Full Service Boarding

Full service boarding of your horse(s) at Circle Bar C Ranch includes our custom designed 12′ x 12′ stalls with therapeutic flooring plus (3) hot and cold wash racks. The facility includes Nelson automatic feeders and waterers plus a unique formula of grain that has taken over 25 years to produce.

Boarding will include twice daily animal inspections by professional ranch staff and extensive video surveillance with remote viewing capability. Quality care for your animal is our number 1 concern and no short cuts are accepted at Circle Bar C Ranch. We are lifetime professional horseman and our dedication to the wellbeing of the animals is our primary focus.

Pricing for our full service boarding starts at $550 per month and a complete list of services is available from our office of via email. Please contact us for additional information.

Pasture Boarding

Circle Bar C Ranch offers over 100 acres of beautiful Kentucky pasture for your horse to enjoy. With the exceptional care of the facility and the constant upkeep of the area fences, You can rest easy knowing that your horse is being cared for by professionals.

Rolling hills and lush green pastures offer plenty of space to run and also many trees and shaded areas to hide from rain and weather. The ranch sits atop one of the areas tallest hills and the view allows the staff of Circle Bar C ranch to keep a constant eye on the animals they care for.

Pasture Boarding at Circle Bar C Ranch starts at $250 per month and a complete list of service is available at our office or via email. Please contact us for more information. 


Circle Bar C Ranch offers private or group riding lessons from entry level to experienced. Our on staff professional riding instructor will dramatically improve your riding technique as well as increase confidence and reduce the risk of injury to yourself or the animal. Our lessons are scheduled by the hour and the book tends to fill up quickly so if you are interested in learning more, please contact our office soon to get a reservation.

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